Agency Transformation

Customized Success Formula for Agency Owners, Marketers and Publicsts Who Want To 2-3x Revenue + Remove The Clutter In Their Head While Making More Money

Systems, Leadership, Mindset, Execution + Growth

12 week 1:1 program


When you need a full transformation

Using my Streamline + Scale Formula, we focus on streamlining your efforts to be more effective and efficient, refining your focus and offerings, and creating a high-vibe, positive environment for you to thrive. We’ll focus on three specific paths.


More Money

Clarifying your offerings and prices and determining what is your key differentiator

More Confidence

Creating an environment that fits you and helps you be your best self to deliver outstanding work and results

More Speed

Assessing your current systems and processes to identify areas for improvement


The result?



Why this program?

My formula has helped business owners focus their minds, increase revenue, and feel successful in their business. I’ve helped businesses decrease people costs by 30% in just a couple of months, and others have increased revenue 3x in 6 weeks!

All-in-One Virtual Coaching For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Streamline, Scale, And Automate While Thriving In A Digital World.

Who is this for?

Ideal for agencies/founders and service-based consultants.

But also valuable to most service-based business owners – from solopreneurs to founders of SMEs.

How does it work?

Starting with a deep dive workshop, you will be empowered to streamline your operations and processes, set up new systems as needed, create SOPs and workflows, understand your business in a brand new way, identify the structure that best fits your business, increase retainers, grow your team, and more.

I will be your dedicated support system and will get to know you and your business as if it were my own. If you have an executive team or leaders who could use guidance, I provide the opportunity to incorporate them when appropriate.

The success of your business is the focus. We’ll find the pieces to get you there together.


Planning call

We’ll discuss your business at the high-level so we can align on what information is valuable for you to bring to the deep dive and what you should think about for that discussion. You’ll be given an intake form to identify where you want to go.


deep dive workshop

90 minute virtual 1:1 workshop where we review the work provided in the planning call and dive into your business including current situation and goals, income, resources, frustrations, money makers and more. We’ll identify and agree upon three focus areas (objectives) that are most valuable to you and your business now. This is different for everyone! I’ll create a high-level action plan for you following our call.


refine + implement

Now you execute! We’ll connect every week for 40 minutes to discuss achievements, challenges, questions, and refinements. Things come up, so we will pivot as needed! It’s all about being aware and doing what’s best for you. You’ll get a checklist to follow for these 90 days to help you meet your goals and truly implement these new changes.

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.



Because of the work we did together, I was able to increase revenue by roughly 120%. I was bogged down and, in reality, was going to put myself out of business if I didn't make changes STAT.
I didn’t know how to build a company from the ground up. Erin was able to come in and quickly assess the situation, challenges, and roadblocks and offered simple solutions that were not complicated and didn’t take extra time. Everything was easy.

Through our work, I was able to remove the psychological fear I had of scaling my business because I now had the tools and the roadmap I needed to ensure my success.
It was the best money I ever spent. And I’d spend it again.

At first, I balked at the price tag. As a small business owner, it was challenging to justify that spend. But I would do it over again. I didn’t realize until we finished our work that I truly invested in myself and it was something I really needed.
Gillian Sheldon
Founder, Sheldon Strategy & Consulting
Thank you so much, Erin! I honestly didn't know where to start when it came to creating my marketing agency. For the fist time, I feel I can do this.
Shehla Faizi
Founder, Creative Cookie Jar & I'm A Muslim And That's Okay Podcast
Erin did an AMAZING job with our marketing plan and coming up with creative campaigns that will get us noticed. It was easy to work with Erin and she was flexible with our needs.
blank profile picture, mystery man, avatar
Nikki S.
Marketing Manager

I began working for Erin in college as an intern for almost a year where she taught me more than I could have ever learned through a class. With her full help and guidance I was fortunate enough to be hired on her team.

There, she promised to teach me everything she knew. I have since been promoted and I still attribute everything I know in the world of PR and business to her.

She is by far the best teacher and leader I have had, not only in the workplace but in life as well. Erin is the most organized, efficient, and motivated leader I have worked under, which is why the clients she takes on are so successful.
Hunter Apodaca
Publicist / Marketer
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Slots to work with Erin for the Streamline + Scale Formula easily book up and only one new client is onboarded at a time. Get on the waitlist and you’ll be notified when spots open up. Act quick to secure yours!


$ 12,995 One-Time
  • Planning call, deep dive, refine + implement
  • High-level action plan
  • 12 weekly 1:1 calls (up to 45 minutes)
  • Dedicated support + guidance
  • Email + Chat Access

Coaching and Consulting

Hands On
$ 20,995 one-time
  • All from 1:1 PLUS
  • Up to 10 hours of hands-on execution by yours truly following the deep dive to help create, set up, test, or implement objectives - deliverables to be agreed upon after deep dive - typically include SOPs, templates, processes


We’ve been told that you should focus on your strengths and push your weaknesses down.

But I don’t agree.

I love the ability to be both a creative and a structured thinker. Both high level and very detailed.

The problem is many don’t want to believe a merge of the two is possible. Limiting them from becoming their best selves.

Especially as an entrepreneur.

You don’t need to be strong in every area. The most knowledgeable. Nor the best. But you DO need to see and understand multiple perspectives and the potential impact on your business.

You have to learn to combine the structure with the creative. And not only will your business grow. But you will change as a human being. You will see the world differently. You will approach situations from a different perspective.

This program isn’t just about your business. It’s about YOU.

Changes in your business cannot happen until you make changes.

The ability to change is one of the things I love most about being alive.

Don’t let is pass you by.

Change. Grow. Be Happy.


Everyone is different, including weaknesses and strengths, so we’ll tailor the program to fit your current situation. Things we may do include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a Question?

1:1 calls are held between 8-4pm PT. If these times don’t work, let’s talk!

Due to the nature of my work, the fact that it truly relies on you taking and making action, and that tremendous value is provided from step 1, no refunds are offered. Everyone’s results are case by case depending on what YOU put into it.

I also offer Done-For-You Strategy Workshops if you want me to create your personalized strategy, processes and more. These can be added any time during coaching.