How to Master the Sales Call and Get More Clients

The biggest problem many entrepreneurs (and sales professionals) face is they don’t have a set sales system in place – including the follow up process – which is why it can seem so hard to sell at times.

Just like anything else you do, practice makes perfect. The more you do it, the better you get, the more confident you get.

Here are six steps to help transform your sales calls into customers:

  • Preparation: Setting yourself up for success is step 1. Come prepared. Practice. Breathe.
  • Rapport: Spend the first few minutes connecting and gaining rapport. Make the client feel comfortable and that they can relate to you. 
  • Discover: Identify their short and long term goals to guide your call and offer
  • Obstacles: Find out what their biggest challenges are. What is holding them back.
  • Needs: Identify what they truly need in a product/service (your offering) and find out the small details that are important to them
  • Solution: Share your solution/offering and tie it into their goals, challenges, and needs and how it will help them accomplish these↓


If you feel sales isn’t your strong point, there are a few things you can do to help you feel confident in your sales call. Here are my top three recommendations:

  • Write out a “script” for you to follow as well as questions you may want to ask (check out this sales call template to get you started)
  • Work with a coach, consultant or mentor to nail down a sales strategy, including the “pitch call” (check out this coaching program with a people-centric coach and consultant)
  • Mock pitches with friends, family, and colleagues, or even those in the industry who have been where you are, and ask for honest feedback. (Make sure they have a business/problem that is your audience so it is real.)

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Erin James is a business and marketing coach and consultant for founders, agencies, consultants, and coaches helping them streamline and scale while being happier in life. She emphasizes systems, mindset, productivity, and execution to work less while making more money. 

Erin is also a chronic illness warrior, fighting arthritis, thyroid issues, and fibromyalgia since before the age of 16. After becoming a sports nutritionist and trainer, going vegan / gluten-free / soy-free, and living a clean holistic life, she learned the importance of improving our everyday habits. With this in mind, she also helps her clients become healthier and happier, both physically and mentally. Check out her wellness lifestyle brand SQUAY at