Erin James


MY Vision

People will Be Happy, Healthy, Productive And Successful, based on their definition of success.

My Mission

Empower people to create a  “simple” business that fits them While Being Their Most Productive Self

You have succeeded when all you really want is only what you really need.

- Ellie Lindström

Without Being Happy In Life...
You Can't Thrive In Business.

Without Being Happy In Your Business...
You Can't Thrive In Life.

Without Taking Care Of Your Health...
You Can't Thrive In Life Or Business.

Let's Get Personal!

A Little about me

Business and Marketing Strategist turned Business, Marketing and Mindset Coach

After going through my own struggles of finding happiness in what I do, being excited to wake up every day, and giving myself the self-care I need to live the life I want and stay healthy, I decided I need to help others do the same. We all go through many struggles personally and professionally and at times we can use a helping hand. 

I was helping business owners completely transform their businesses and wallets, but something was missing inside for me.

My journey led me to lead a Mindful, Eco Minimalist Vegan Lifestyle where I focus on only doing things that help me get to where I want to go and how I want to feel while eliminating the clutter in my life and business. I use systems and processes to help me excel and stay on track with ease and empower my clients to do the same.

To truly empower myself to feel my best and live my best, I am also a certified sports nutritionist and personal trainer focused on a plant-based, gluten-free lifestyle.

Let me guide you to your new life.

My History

Experience & Credentials -



Focused on helping Founders 3x revenue in <3 months While Being Happier in their Business Through Processes & Systems



Empowering people and brands to define who they are and how they want to be seen while developing creative ideas to get noticed



Helping leaders Find What Makes Them Unique & Become The CEO They Desire



Empowering individuals to Identify Who They want To Be, How They Want To Live, & What They Need To Do To Get There


Sports Nutrition

Providing Individuals Gluten-Free Plant-Based Food Choices To Heal Their Bodies & Have More Energy



Empowering People To Live Their Best Life Through Habits, Food, Fitness, Self-Care, and Personal and Professional Goal Setting

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