Entrepreneur. Coach. Mentor. Wife. Mom. Daughter. Yogi.

On a mission to help women excel professionally while living holistically. Dedicated to guiding women towards achieving professional excellence, personal fulfillment, and a sustainable lifestyle. Here to help you create an environment that encourages you to be productive rather than getting in your way. Let me guide you to your new life.

Who I AM

About Erin James

Erin James is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and a business and life strategist and coach.

She empowers founders and executives to control their mindsets, become high performers, excel as leaders, and thrive on their self-growth journeys. She also mentors entrepreneurs to build and scale thriving, profitable, and efficient businesses.

Erin empowers people to change their life trajectories through life and success coaching. Her unique approach focuses on the individual and the belief that we all operate differently. She believes success comes from learning about and listening to yourself.

In addition to Erin’s successful coaching practice, she founded 4 businesses.

As the founder of Agency Owner Lab, she plays a vital role as an Agency Business Coach and Consultant, stemming from more than a decade in marketing and business operations and growth. She coaches and consultants agencies and agency founders on streamlining, scaling, and automating agency operations while increasing profitability and empowering agency leaders to maintain leadership roles without being hassled with the day-to-day work. She helps turn consultants and strategists into CEOs.

Erin is also the founder of SQUAY, a wellness brand empowering people to take control of their gut and brain health. Through nutrition and wellness education and resources, SQUAY puts the power of your health back in your hands. After years of living with pain and brain fog and a diagnosis of arthritis and autoimmune issues as a child, Erin started SQUAY to empower people to transform their lives and health the way she did by focusing on health, wellness, and food. SQUAY also acknowledges how improved brain and gut health has the potential to lend chronic illness support.

SQUAY is built on the notion that food is medicine and fuel. Through sustainable lifestyle changes and awareness, SQUAY empowers a generation of people who want to control their health and future through simple, natural steps.

As the founder of GFY Creative, a fully remote global creative branding and marketing agency, Erin and her team elevate and amplify brands and thought leaders on a mission to stand out in a crowded world. GFY Creative works with clients who are known as ambitious innovators and changemakers. The agency offers branding, marketing, PR, web, content, and thought leadership support to clients in various industries, including health, CPG, B2B, tech, and more.

Erin is also the co-founder and COO of Futurae Farms, an urban vertical farming company creating a more accessible and nutritious future.

Behind the person

My journey

After struggling to find happiness in what I do and the excitement of waking up every day, I finally gave myself the self-care I needed to live the life I wanted. One filled with happiness, health, and success.

I felt so empowered, free, and alive that I decided I needed to help others do the same.

My journey led me to lead a mindful, eco-minimalist, toxin-free, and vegan lifestyle where I focus on only doing things that help me get to where I want to go and how I want to feel. I focus on eliminating the clutter in my life and business. I strategize to maximize my brain power for the most important things in life, like being present during family time, while creating routines and systems for everything else so the tedious tasks run on autopilot.

To truly empower myself to feel and live my best, I am also a certified sports nutritionist and personal trainer focused on a plant-based, gluten-free lifestyle. Knowledge is power. 

Join me on the simple living revolution.

Things I’m currently into

Exploring mindfulness through meditation and yoga
Diving into the world of gut and brain health for optimal living
spending time with family and being present
Discovering new hiking trails to stay connected with nature
taking breaks when I need to. sleeping and resting.
Experimenting with plant-based recipes for nourishing meals

I did it

My journey


officially Added life coaching

It’s not just about business anymore. I tested the waters helping people take their lives to the next level, and I’m ready to do more of this. Life’s too short to not make the best of it.


became a mom

While still earning multiple six figures working part time and spending every day with my daughter. Never missing a moment.

Pregnancy, motherhood, preparation and expectation of motherhood
Travel. Staycation.local travel new normal.Girl traveler packing luggage in suitcase Travel,tourism,


traveled the world + lived abroad

While still earning multiple six figures working part-time.


Became a business coach + strategist

Finally ventured off to work for myself, earning multiple six figures working part-time and helping other entrepreneurs scale their businesses with less stress. Spending most days hiking or at the beach.

The podcast

Voices of branding: insights & innovations

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