Looking to ...

gain experience & new skills,

build your portfolio,

receive free business, marketing & career coaching?

My mentorship / internship program is just what you need!

I am an Agency Growth Specialist, business and marketing mentor, and life and high-performance coach.

Both professional and personal development are very important to me and I want to help others be able to build the life and career or business they want.

The hardest part about getting started is gaining experience, having a portfolio, and having a mentor to who you can ask questions.

But if no one is going to give you a chance, how can you get started?!

This program is ideal for:

  • students
  • recent graduates who need to gain more skills and build a portfolio
  • Professionals looking to switch careers, get a job, and thrive as a marketer, publicist, virtual assistant, or project manager
  • Professionals looking to start their own business as a marketer, publicist, virtual assistant, or project manager

How it works:

  • A high-level, hands-on program that is a mix of mentorship, internship, and training program
  • Mentees share what they are intereseted in learning, whether they have a broad focus or specific, including but not limited to:
    • Social media management
    • Content creation
    • Blog and article writing
    • Public relations
    • Facebook group management
    • Graphic design
    • SEO
    • Email marketing
    • Project management
    • Automation and tech tools
    • Podcast management, editing, and/or booking
    • Administrative tasks
  • Mentees spend 10-20 hours / week (depending on availability, number of skills you want to build and interest) working on projects directly in my business so I can train, provide feedback and support you on building your portfolio
  • Weekly (or bi-weekly) 1:1 calls that are a mix of training and coaching

Added value includes:

  • Mentees get access to my training materials and get live training from me on marketing, PR, project management, and more
  • Opportunity to come to calls with questions about your career or business
  • Guidance on building your portfolio and how to pitch clients or a new job
  • Testimonial you can share with potential clients

Mentorships typically last for at least 6 months (many stay longer!), but it is not required. I ask for a minimum of three months as I put my own time into training you at first and it doesn’t happen overnight.

This program is unique because most consultants and coaches don’t take the time out to train others. The reason I do this is that I saw people close to me first hand struggle to start their careers and businesses business they couldn’t get the opportunity to gain experience and build a portfolio in the fields they wanted. I never want anyone to feel the same way as they did.

I have mentees who live and work around the world. Calls are typically held between 7am – noon ET.